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Born in Venezuela, living permanently in the US, Miguel Peña is a talented musician, producer and audio engineer. Graduating atop his class from SAE Institute Atlanta and being considered one of the best of his country, he has produced, recorded and mixed highly qualified projects in the past 10 years. With an innovative studio owned in Venezuela, he is now moving along another phase in the United States working at the best studios of the area.


It all started at the age of 15, when he discovered his love for music. He picked up his first electric guitar and started playing rock music. With the passing of the years, he perfected his technique playing guitar and recording himself. In 2000, he built his first recording studio to work on small projects, and after 5 years, he built Audi-O-Zonik, the professional recording and mixing studio he currently owns in his hometown. With many years of experience, Miguel has worked with worldwide talented musicians such as: Julio César, Carmelo Medina, Under C Family, Joseph Walker, Alan Redmon, Tom Halliwel, Franco Nasi, Florentino Primera, Omar Herrera, Mery, Venezuela Reggae, and Horacio Sax. 


Miguel Peña has attended NAMM Show 3 years in a row (this is the world's largest trade-only event for the music products industry) sharing knowledge and experiences among colleagues and other important personalities of the music industry. He has received the Latin Grammy nomination certificate in the category of “Best Contemporary Tropical Album of the Year” for his work on Julio César’s latest album. Nowadays, he is an active affiliate of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the Society of European Songwriters, Artists and Composers (SESAC).

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